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• New contract with CCB just signed for assist during SPS on the Bideford Dolphin in April 2014. The contract will consist of piping, steelwork, and surface protection. MCS will also be responsable for mapping of thickness, and scaffolding. The extent of the work is not yet known. The yardstay is scedule for 90 days.


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• In December 2013 did we sign a new contract to assist for the upgrade of the two Seadrill rigs West Oberon and West Intrepid. The work will be in the Gulf of Mexico, and the moblization start immideately. The work consist of installing new burner boom, Augers, Sentrifuges and Engineering in this relation. The work is scedule to be completed on location April 2014.


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• New contract has been signed in December 2013 with Simon Møkster Shipping, Norway to do NOFO upgrade of the PSV Strilmøy. The work consist of engineering, purchase and install new steam boiler, piping, upgrade of ballast system and modify stearn gate. Including hydraulic modification. New pumps, and change all conection in pump area to EX. The work will be in corporation with Imotec. The yardstay is scedule in March 2014, and will be at our facilities in Egersund.


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• In December 2013 did we sign a new significant contract with CCB to assist during SPS on the COSL Rival. The yardstay is scedule in January 2014, and estimated 30 days. Our service will me steel construction, piping and surface protection. The cntract will engage approxemately 65 workers.










Welcome To MCS Group




The MCS Group consist of companies in Norway and Denmark. 


There are two core business areas in the MCS Group. That is Steel and Piping construction, and the other is surface Protection and Passive Fire Protection.



The marked where we offer our services is the shipping and offshore new building and maintenance.


The main office for the MCS Group in Norway is in Bryne, that is approximately 30 minutes south of Stavanger, and our production Facilities are located in Egersund.


Egersund is approximately 1,5 hours south of Stavanger.


Since Scancoat AS and ScanCoat Materials AS now are merged into Maritime Construction Solutions AS will all contracts be executed from MCS AS in future.


All employees, equipment, agencies and products has been moved over, and will be sold from MCS AS.


We wish old clients, and new colleagues welcome to the MCS Group and we will all look to the future together.



The MCS Group is managed by Mr. Ingolf Midttveit. He has a Master of Science degree from the University of Stavanger in offshore materials engineering, and more than 20 years experience from the shipping and Oil & Gas industry in Norway.



The office is run by Laila Åkre. She is responsible for day to day operation, finance and HR.

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