MCS Group

There are two core business areas in the MCS Group. That is Steel and Piping construction, and the other is surface Protection and Passive Fire Protection.

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MCS Group is a importer og several products. Deck Screed and flooring and High temperature FRP grating and standard GRP grating.

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Main office is now moved close to Bergen, and all staff is located in Damsgårdsveien 229, 5160 Laksevåg.

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About our company

MCS Group is a company that supply following service to the ship and offshore industry.

All kind of steel and piping prefabrication from own facilities at Laksevåg, Bergen. We have also hall for complete surface protection.

MCS Group is also supplier to all major shipyards in Norway where we install prefabricated items from own facilities, and service in relation to SPS and general maintenance as their sub contractor.

MCS AS do also offshore installation and maintenance work for various clients.

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